The Plaka Beach complex is situated in the exquisite, sparsely-populated village of Vasilikos, north-east of the town of Zante, in the area of Aghios Nicholaos. Vasilikos is one of the island's most popular resorts, mostly due to its unaffected natural beauty, which uniquely combines sea and mountain. Fortunately, the island has maintained its traditional color while its natural environment is strictly protected. Industrialized mass tourism is miles away.
Plaka Beach is situated at a privileged location, where the sea meets the land, offering a spectacular view of the green, pine-clad mountain and the vast blue of the sea. As the area of Vasilikos is sparsely populated, you are recommended to have an available transportation means in order to explore the region and visit its points of interest.
Plaka Beach is just 12,5 km from the town and the port of Zante, 13,5 km from the airport, 100 meters from the nearest stores, when you will find all necessary commodities and 80metersfrom the bus and taxi stop. The area features few yet lovely bars, if you prefer a more cosmopolitan night-life though, you should visit Argasi, at a distance of nine kilometers, which hosts a variety of bars and clubs with Greek or international music.

Other Beaches

With its long sandy shore and magnificent view of the Gulf of Laganas, the beach of Daphne is a true paradise. It faces the small island of Pelouzo. This is where the Caretta – Caretta turtles lay their eggs. The beach of Daphne belongs to the National Sea Park, so water sports are not permitted. The area's taverns operate only during the day, so as not to disturb the turtles. You can reach the beach of Daphne from the central road of Vasilikos. Although the trip is difficult – you'll have to cross 3 kilometers of dirt road before you head down to the beach – you will find numerous visitors every day, as the beach's beauty is unique. Deck chairs and umbrellas are available for rental.
Sekania is one of the main beaches where the Caretta – Caretta turtles lay their eggs and is thus protected by the National Sea Park and the WWF to which it belongs.
The beach of Aghios Nicholaos has taken its name from the picturesque chapel of Aghios (= Saint) Nicholaos situated on a small hill, at the end of the shore. It is the island's most cosmopolitan beach, featuring seaside bars with loud music, abundant deck chairs, umbrellas and various water sports on offer.
The beach of Gerakas, a gulf with a vast shore, is perhaps the most beautiful beach not only of Vasilikos but of the whole island.
The Caretta – Caretta turtles lay their eggs here. Gerakas belongs to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, so the beach is strongly protected, which means that there are no seaside bars or water sports. Nonetheless, you will find deck chairs and umbrellas to rent.
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